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Lymph-vision (lymph and vein stimulation)

The lymphatic system is rarely mentioned as an important one, among other systems of the human body, but without it, normal function of neither the cardiovascular system, nor the immune system would be possible. The lymphatic system controls body fluid distribution, transportation and removal of cell waste products.

Therefore, activation of the lymphatic system provides for a great number of positive effects for treatment of various diseases.

Lymph-vision is a new apparatus for stimulation of the lymphatic and venous drainage systems.

Lymph-vision currents reproduce pulses of the sympathetic nervous system to smooth muscles and activate natural vermicular movements of the system.


This effect upon the lymphatic system contributes to drainage of all body fluids and intensifies as follows:

  • Tissular drainage;
  • Cellular metabolism;
  • Arterial circulation;
  • Lymphatic and venous outflows;
  • Resorption of posttraumatic edemas and blood boils;
  • Accelerated sclerostenosis (ligaments, muscles and tendons);
  • Pain and inflammation control;
  • Repair of wounds;
  • Muscular relaxation and prevention of congestive phenomena;
  • Body shaping and cellulite control, improvement of skin tightness (also for rehabilitation upon plastic operations);
  • Restless legs syndrome mitigation.