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Aerosol inhalation room

In the aerosol inhalation room of the “Edelweiss” health-care center, a complete package of procedures is undertaken, to include aerosol therapy and electro aerosol therapy.

  • Administration of medicines via respiratory organs is the most natural method for treatment and prevention of bronchitis, inflammation of lungs and other respiratory tract diseases.
  • Inhalations enable to quickly achieve effects required; they almost have no counter-indications and have no adverse effects upon condition of healthy organs.

The procedure is, in other words, inhalation of mineral water and medicines for health improvement purposes.

It is useful to apply for this method of treatment at the first signs of respiratory diseases (cold in the nose – rhinitis, inflammation of palatine tonsils – tonsillitis, inflammation of pharynx – pharyngitis, bronchitis and inflammation of lungs – pneumonia), as well as prevention and reliefs of acute asthmatic attacks.

The “Edelweiss” health-care center inhalation room is equipped with the state-of-the-art inhalation equipment.

For treatment of respiratory organs, the following ultrasonic inhalers are in use:

  • INHALATORIUM AT “PERESVET” PARK HOTEL: “Boreal F400” (Italy) – individual pressured inhaler (nebulizer).
  • “Niko” (Russia) – inhaler with bacterial filters and UV lamps for simultaneous treatment and prevention of diseases of lungs and respiratory organs due to use of bland aerosols.

This is the one-of-a-kind device that knows no equals both in Russia and abroad.

Attention: medical counter-indications.
Previous professional consultation is a must.