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Contactless hydromassage

Contactless hydromassage Underwater jet massage has now a worthy alternative – contactless bath “WELLSYSTEM RELAX PLUS”. Curative effects of hydromassage can be achieved with no contact to open water which helps prevent infective diseases and reduce a number of counter indications.

“WELLSYSTEM RELAX PLUS” is a bath made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and filled with distilled water. A thin and elastic waterproofing membrane on top provides for proper tightness of the bath.

The fully-automated software of the bath enables to select a water temperature and the most useful and comfortable hydromassage mode, individually selected for each patient.

The surface of the contactless bath is divided into 6 areas; water is supplied under pressure via 24 nozzles that give massage to all the body parts at the same time.

Massage programs:

  • relaxation massage;
  • intensive massage;
  • power massage;
  • pulse massage;

Massage types:

  • ull-body massage;
  • lower body massage;
  • upper body massage;
  • massage within a radius of 15 cm in an area selected.

Health-improving effect of “WELLSYSTEM RELAX PLUS”:

    купирование боли;
  • pain relief;
  • muscle spasmolysis and muscle tension relief.

“Wellsystem relax plus” hydromassage

  • improvement of blood circulation and metabolism processes;
  • decrease of stagnation in veins and lymphs;
  • decrease of fat deposits under skin;
  • treatment of insomnia and depressive syndromes;
  • beneficial effect upon the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


  • pain in joints and back;
  • muscle overtension;
  • blind headaches;
  • myofascial pain syndrome;
  • post-traumatic rehabilitation;
  • reversible functional diseases of spinal column;
  • workouts after intensive sports activities.

Counter-indications :

  • disease recurrence (inflammations, infections, etc.) ;
  • thrombosis;
  • bleeding;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • after heart attacks, ischemia, hypertonia, an appointment with a heart health expert is required;

Efficiency, availability and affordability, ease of use, high tolerance and personalized, graded approach enable to use the medical device for prevention and treatment of infantile diseases of musculoskeletal and nervous systems.