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Orthobiodynamics, back pain management

Neuro-orthopedic trainer “Posturomed” (HAIDER BIOSWING, Germany). Treatment of spiral column diseases, postural abnormalities, musculo-skeletal system and vestibular apparatus – Detensor-therapy, postural therapy, bioresonance therapy with use of German and Austrian equipment DETENSOR and BIOSWING.

Postural (proprioceptive) therapy “Haider Bioswing” (German treatment). Neuro-orthopedic trainer “Posturomed” (HAIDER BIOSWING, Germany) with a movable therapeutic surface to treat adverse posture effects, in particular, functional segmental instability of weight-bearing joints.

This is a therapeutic device for proprioceptive natural therapy to stimulate nerve centers of cortex and subcortex thanks to signals during excitation of proprioceptors


  • 1Back bone (spiral column) functional diseases irrespective of age.
  • 2Constitutional and legal hypermobility of postural system.
  • 3Instability of joints of lower extremities.
  • 4Idiopathic scoliosis of children and teenagers.
  • 5Traumatic scoliosis.
  • 6Weakness of pectoral muscle sling of back.
  • 7Kyphosis.
  • 8Post-operation consequences to knee joints and sacral spine.
  • 9Partial paralysis of postural system.
  • 10Polyneuropathy with predominant proprioceptive input abnormalities.
  • 11Infantile cerebral paralysis.
  • 12Patients with spinal diseases and weak lower extremities.
  • 13Patients with vision and hearing impairments.
  • 14Gain of motion of paralyzed and weak extremities.


  • Acute and chronic spine problems and back pain;
  • Muscle overtension;
  • Protrusion of intervertebral disc;
  • Prolapse of intervertebral disc;
  • Osteoporosis (loss of bone);
  • Scoliosis (various causes and stages);
  • Spinal compression fractures:
  • Use in pediatrics (wryneck, postural disorders and abnormalities).

“PROPRIOMED” trainer (HIDER BIOSWING, Germany). Exercises with use of “PROPRIOMED” are dosed impulses of a higher excitation density. This is the very feature of this trainer that activates synergetic interaction of intersegment muscles that support our body. Impulses produced by the trainer activate muscles of legs, pelvis, belly, chest, back, arms and shoulders.

Damping elements of “PROPRIOMED” reduce loads upon joints. Precisely dosed impulses contribute to activation of muscles opposite one another. Synergetic activation of muscles is an essential condition of a stable body position and directed motions.


  • Chronic overtension of muscles;
  • Loss of stability of joints;
  • Aches in various regions of the neuromuscular system.