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Treatment of diseases of spiral column, impaired posture, musculo-skeletal and vestibular systems – detensor-therapy, postural therapy, bioresonance therapy with use of German and Austrian equipment DETENSOR and BIOSWING.

Traction therapy (Detensor-therapy) – Austrian method.


DETENSOR-therapy is a unique method of careful traction of the spiral column, correction of its abnormalities, pain management, improvement of function of the internals of children and adults.
The method is based upon elongation of the spiral column (increase of an intervertebral space) due to long-term and safe traction of the spiral column under action of weight of a patient’s body.

The DETENSOR system, developed in 1978 by doctor Kurt Kinlein, has been successfully used for medical purposes since 1980.

Long-term traction of the spiral column occurs under relaxing conditions and is optimally directed, combined with the proper position of the spiral column, but retaining physiological natural curvatures.

If carried out properly, the tension strength during this procedure may reach 22% of the body weight.

Orthobiodynamics, back pain and head ache management with use of the Austrian and German equipment (Detensor and Bioswing).


  • 1C-spine development pathologies (children).
  • 2Bronchial asthma.
  • 3Spinal disc herniation (acute condition and remission).
  • 4Prolapse of intervertebral discs, dysmorphology.
  • 5Innate or acquired lateral curvature (scoliosis).
  • 6Fracture of the spiral column (any region).
  • 7Migraine.
  • 8Uterine hypertonicity (pregnant women).
  • 9Muscle tension, muscle tightness resulting from stresses and depressions.
  • 10Dystrophia-caused changes to the spinal column (degenerative disc disease in any region).
  • 11Constant muscle tension in any region of the back, fatigue, chronic diseases, generating back pain.
  • 12Bed-sores: treatment and prevention. Spiral column diseases of any etiology (with the exception of counter-indications).

The most important results of use of the “DETENSOR” system are as follows:

  • Increase of intervertebral spaces;
  • Relaxation of muscles and ligaments;
  • Decrease in pressure upon nerve terminals due to increased intervertebral spaces;
  • Unlimited use of the system, as overtension of the spiral column is not possible;
  • Increased intervertebral spaces result in release or decrease in pressure upon nerve terminals or improvement of local blood circulation;
  • Upon dislocation of vertebra, or prolapse of intervertebral discs, a possibility emerges to normalize the anatomical organization;
  • duration of use is also unlimited. Long-term relief leads to better circulation of fluids in tissues of intervertebral discs;
  • Intensive traction-based therapy, on a gym mat, is only for acute pain (45 – 60 minutes, 4 times a day).
  • Natural rotational movements, combined with a long-acting traction force, also contribute to better function of a pumping mechanism and improvement of fluid circulation in disc tissues;
  • Pressure within intervertebral discs starts to decrease approximately in 20 minutes of treatment according to the traction method. In 30 – 45 minutes, pressure continues decreasing and can become normal;

As the method is absolutely safe, one began to use it at specialized health care institutions: clinics, hospitals and health resorts.

The Cosmonauts' Training Centre also uses relaxing and curative properties and effects of the DETENSOR-therapy.

Positive responses to therapy are observed upon 3 – 4 procedures (45 minutes each).