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The park-hotel “Peresvet” is a modern hotel resort located in a forest, environmentally sound area near Moscow, 70 km from the capital and 15 km from Sergiyev Posad, heart of Russian Orthodoxy.

We regularly accommodate national teams of Russia that stay at the hotel for trainings and welcome any one fond of sports and outdoor activities.

Our center is a multi-purpose sporting complex intended for both professional athletes and amateurs, loving outside activities. Quite atmosphere of the hotel resort is complemented with a SPA complex to include a 25 m swimming pool, massage rooms, where we are ready to offer you up-to-date services for recovery of health and beauty, hamam, sauna, salt spa therapy rooms, fitness area, flowrider indoor surfing, open air sun terrace, billiard and bowling halls. Thanks to high-quality services and professional staff, our park-hotel will surely satisfy the most of your demands.



We are happy to present our 4-star out-of-town hotel resort, located in an environmentally sound area outside Moscow, 70 km north-east of Moscow and 15 km from Sergiyev Posad which is the religious capital of Russia.

On the one side, the hotel resort area adjoins an authentic chapel, and on the other one, it passes into a picturesque forest area, stretching many kilometers ahead. Here, walkways for tourists are paved and well equipped, as well as roller ski runs and bicycle lanes. Leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind you and plunge into the comfortable atmosphere of our park-hotel, feel homish and comfortable!

We will be happy to offer you the following accommodation options: STANDARD, COMFORT, SUPERIOR, FAMILY, JUNIOR SUITE, and JUNIOR SUITE WITH SAUNA. Interiors of each room at our hotel combine unique modern designs, comfort and harmony.

Those who wish to stay for training camps or sports tournaments are offered non-expensive and comfortable BLOCKED rooms, such as 4ad rooms in the “JUNIOR” sporting area facilities, where 69 guests (Facility 1) and 100 guests (Facility 2) can be accommodated.

The guarded parking area of our hotel resorts consists of more than 150 parking lots.


  • 2 “4ad Standard” rooms
  • 42 “Standard” rooms
  • 46 “Comfort” rooms
  • 12 “Superior” rooms
  • 24 “Junior Suite” rooms
  • 3 “Junior Suite with sauna” rooms
  • 1 “Family “ room
  • Residence
  • Comfortable accommodation for max. 420 gues



Here you are welcome to enjoy Russian and European food. Our café “U vorot” (“By the Gate”) is equally suitable for a quiet family lunch, confidential business negotiations, hearty talks with friends and comfortable watching of ice hockey matches and figure skating tournaments from panoramic windows overlooking the ice arena. This is the only place where you can enjoy tasty and worldwide famous Italian pizza and distinctive taste of our burgers which are real pieces of art of cooking. Their secret is use of spices and sauces that will be served in an original way for you. In summertime, guests can cose in the balcony of our “Arena” restaurant.

Those who appreciate comfort and fun may enjoy the “Iceberg” Karaoke-hall, where we daily welcome anyone who loves to sing Karaoke. Our library of sound recordings contains more than 2000 tracks to combine various music styles and genres. Choose whichever is best for you and enjoy excellent amusements while we provide for the best sound of your voice in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Guests tired after their journey can use the a la carte room service and order their favorite food and drinks to be delivered to their rooms.


A cozy terrace, grille menu, great choice of refreshments – all this we are ready to offer the guests of the summer terrace in the “Shaiba” café.

Proper rest is hardly thinkable without tasty and healthy food. The “Shaiba” café occupies a greater part of the main building’s ground floor. An exclusively varied assortment of the self-service buffet will be to taste of those loving variety in food and living a healthy lifestyle.

“Shaiba” self-service buffet “Arena” a la certe restaurant Bar in the entertainment center Summer terrace and garden-house


  • 1Wi-Fi
  • 2Parking / Eco-parking
  • 3Cinema Hall
  • 4Equipping center named after A. Legkov
  • 5Transfer
  • 6Taxi service
  • 7Sightseeing tours
  • 8Laundry room
  • 9Room-service



We are pleased to offer you up-to-date conference halls to arrange trainings or business negotiations. The conference hall accommodating 50 seats is in our new building. It is equipped with all equipment required: plasma TV, notebook, wireless Internet.

If you wish to arrange a meeting, conference, presentation, training, seminar or any other event at the highest level, we will be happy to offer you a cinema hall accommodating 66 seats, floor area 98 sq.m., equipped with up-to-date audio and video hardware.

The “Iceberg” conference hall in the “Arena” restaurant can host major events with up to 300 guests. Comfortable environment and professional equipment make your performance more eloquent and convincing. Our conference halls offer a great opportunity to combine leisure time at the hotel outside Moscow and business meetings with your partners. Fresh and clean air, well-developed infrastructure and picturesque surroundings contribute to creation of the most comfortable atmosphere for rest and work.

  • Conference hall accommodating 50 seats
  • Business meeting room accommodating 15 seats
  • “Iceberg” conference hall accommodating 80 seats
  • “Arena” restaurant accommodating 300 seats
  • “Shaiba” café accommodating 100 seats
  • Retro-hall accommodating 30 seats
  • Cinema hall accommodating 65 seats
  • Summer terrace accommodating 40 seats



“Arena” evening programs on Saturdays
Children’s art studio “Lukomorye”
Relay races
Aerobics for children and adults



Yoga and dance gym (max. 30 guests)



With a size of 30*60m and viewing stands to accommodate 670 spectators, it is a one-of-a-kind ice arena of the “Peresvet” park hotel, suitable for tournaments, training camps and mass ice-skating. At your disposal, there are 8 changing rooms with saunas. Visiting the ice arena, you will spend your spare time with your family and friends to good use and with a lot of pleasure! We have expanded the range of our sports services to help you achieve high results in sports and arranged a shot attempt area with three changing rooms for 57 athletes, a drying chamber and training area, 138 sq.m. and a gym with an area of 135 sq.m.

Multi-purpose gym It is a multi-purpose gym with an area of 1000 m2 to hold health and fitness activities, run training sessions and competitions: futsal, volleyball, handball, basketball, badminton, gymnastics, track-and-field athletics, and ball room dancing. At your disposal we have equipment for any sport game, including judo mats which can be used for various combat sport trainings.

The complex infrastructure enables to arrange training camps, where athletes can prepare for various All-Russian competitions. Any equipment item required for that is at your disposal, as well as viewing stands, two changing rooms for teams and shower rooms.

Table tennis gym
The multi-purpose gym and football field are not the only options for the guests of the complex that are fond of activities.

Their recreation can be arranged more effectively and, what is topmost, and with no overwork. For that you are welcome to one of the three ping-pong tables. One of them is equipped with a robot for individual trainings and improvement of skills. The gym accommodates both table tennis and professional darts area.

If you prefer mind sports, our complex welcomes you to play chess.

Ski club named after A. Legkov
Our winter specialty is a ski piste, the total length of which is 12.5 km, with e section of 10 km to be artificially illuminated. The piste includes lengthy downhill runs and sharp elevation changes of 345 m, as well as a long uphill run of 171 m. The width of the piste ranges for 6 to 9 and it crosses 4 bridges, 6 m each. Our ski courses of 11.5, 10.0 and 7.5 km are skiers’ favorite spots for trainings and tournaments.

In summer, there is a picturesque roller-ski run in the forest area of our resort, with a length of 5 km.

This is also a favorite spot of skiers, roller-skiers and bicycle riders. The jogging track covered with woodchips will catch fancy of joggers and teams that have arrived and stayed for trainings.

For effective trainings we have as follows: convenient exits for athletes to competition places; comfortable changing rooms and shower baths; commentary box and referees’ room.

Those who prefer to travel light can make use of sports equipment in the equipping center named after A. Legkov, ski service and skate sharpening. In our complex you can hire any equipment, ranging from table tennis and badminton rackets to bicycles and roller-skates.

Biathlon complex
The complex represents a shooting area with 18 shooting lanes. There is an open air small-bore target practice area, fenced with a monolithic security wall. The length the shooting stage is 50 m, in consists of 18 shooting lanes. The complex also hosts a referees’ room with a façade floor-to-ceiling window and an armory; the roofing accommodates a viewing deck. Another important feature of the biathlon complex is an equipped penalty loop.

Tennis court / Football field / Futsal area
On the skirts of the forest, there is a real football field. Tennis lovers can realize their potential on the open air tennis court.

Rackets and balls can be hired, but good mood and will to win you have to set yourself, since the very morning. Our court also includes a futsal area.

In our center you can find equipment for the most popular game in the world named floorball.

As for activities options offered to our guests, we follow a graded approach, with due consideration of all-the-year-around work. This is the very reason, the sport complex appeals to people of all ages, social standings and hobbies. The luckiest are those sports fans that can realize their potential on the football field, tennis or beach volleyball courts, in a futsal area or gym.

4 changing rooms with saunas and 2 drying chambers

  • Shot-attempt area
  • Multi-purpose sporting complex, 13 sports
  • Professional ski piste, roller-ski run
  • Biathlon shooting area
  • Futsal area and football field
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Open air ice rink (winter)
  • Beach football and beach volleyball
  • Crossfit area




We, living in harsh climate conditions of Russia, are not always able to drop everything and move to sea shores, where waves surge all the year around. This is precisely why artificial waves are so important because they enable us to enjoy surfing in any season. Surfing is one of the most ancient sports in the world.

The art of surfing is a combination of sports, health, awareness, beauty and power of nature. Our wave machine imitates waves and thanks to sufficiently high water head a surfer can practice and master his skills like on real waves.

Game hall:
Billiards & Bowling:

It is arranged for lovers and connoisseurs of these games. At your disposal there are two professional billiard tables to play eight-ball pool. Stylish and delicate interior, well-designed lighting and unparalleled quality of green baize enable you to enjoy both the game and chin-chin with your opponent to the full.

Bowling is worldwide believed to be an excellent activity and amusement for noisy crews.

  • Billiards
  • Bowling
  • Flowrider indoor surfing



Barbeque deck to accommodate 50 – 500 guests
Barbeque bar
Grill area

SPA complex

SPA complex

In our SPA complex we are ready to offer you to comfortably bathe in our 25 m swimming pool and enjoy a SPA pool with 13 whirlpools (body massage water streams) and electromassage booths (where clouds of small air bubbles are produced).

These procedures have been known already for more than 100 years, and their effects are incredible – water streams have deep action upon skin covers and muscles which results in improvement of blood circulation, metabolism processes, decrease in weight and elimination of sleep disorder. Should you wish a milder action, or effect, you are welcome to use 3 air tubs to produce compressed air bubbles under pressure. Those who love stronger effects are welcomed to water jets. 4 artificial waterfalls will afford esthetic pleasure to you.

Hydromassage helps relax muscles, improves blood circulation and removes excessive liquids from tissues. If you prefer to hang out at a beach and enjoy natural sunlight and its warmth with due consideration of seasonal characteristic and geographic aspects, we offer you the procedure named “Scandinavian Sun”. Due to use of UV and IR lamps, the procedure helps relieve stress and makes you feel like new.

Under real sun rays you will feel like being under the tropical sun.

Shower of impressions

Living in the modern world, in everlasting fuss and stress, you might so want to close your eyes and find yourself in a tropical forest and breathe aromas of fresh fruit. Or happen to be near a mountain river and enjoy noise of the water running and birds chanting…The shower of impressions is body exposure to water thanks to changes to temperatures and water jet pressure. You can set a shower mode yourself, depending upon your nature or mood at a given point in time. The shower modes are tropical with birds chanting, SPA shower head, musical or streaming. Each of them is unforgettable.

Red cedar sauna

Red cedar exhibits antiseptic properties and is rich in essential oils – its flavor has calming action, helps relieve stress and relax.

Evaporating red cedar resins are beneficial to the human body; first of all, they are for the benefit of the nervous and heart-vascular systems, as well as respiratory organs. Visit our sauna to refresh and relax at the same time.

Ice bowl

Ice rubbing is beneficial to health, especially after visiting a steam bath or sauna. Other than these procedures encourage good spirits in the whole body, ice rubbing fortifies the immune system, has a positive impact on skin and vessels, takes off a feeling of anxiety and relieves stress of any kind.

Hamam with massage tables

Hamam is Turkish bath with lower temperatures and higher humidity as opposed to the traditional Russian steam bath.

Is your body heated uniformly? Now, it is peeling time: scrub your body with a special bath puff to delicately remove keratinized cells and clean open pores. Rubbing has a curative effect similar to that of massage. We are happy to offer you our coffee, honey, salt scrubs etc. The procedures like that improve microcirculation of blood, and your deeply purified skin looks smooth and well-cared.

Salt spa therapy room

Visit our salt spa therapy room which is a today’s analogue to natural salt caves, famous for their curative properties and health-giving powers from the earliest times. The Himalaya salt room with a cooling tower is a structure, where a salt solution flows down broad-leaved tree branches. Being evaporated, the salt solution saturates surrounding air with iodine and other microelements, such as magnesium, natrium, potassium and ferrum. Air around the cooling tower also becomes rich in salt aerosol to improve physical and mental capabilities, strengthen body tissues and accelerate synthesis of “C” and “B” vitamins. In such a way, the cooling tower restores the immune and respiratory systems. The effect of inhalations in the cooling tower is similar to sea breeze breathing. Keep in mind that you should breathe more deeply, do not forget it!


One of the best ways to improve health and relax is massage, and its main purpose is to relieve stress.

Nothing comes near to massage given by a professional. Absolute miracles happen after one or two procedures: your skin becomes smooth and elastic, headaches pass, the entire body seems to be awaking and filled with power and energy. Today, there are a lot of massage methods, and each of them has specific features.

Highly-skilled professionals of the “Peresvet” park hotel will help you choose a massage method which is the best for you. And windows of the massage room overlooking the ice arena add some more spice: enjoying massage procedures, you can watch ice hockey champions training or figure skating.

The most effective way to make your body beautiful and fresh is our new procedure named lymph drainage which activates and stabilizes the function of the lymphatic system, thus, contributing to removal of wastes and excessive fluids. This results in recovery of normal lymphokinesis, improvement of circulation of blood and restoration of muscular tone.

…Weather is beyond our control, but we can always add some pleasure to our life, something good for health and soul to help us quickly give boredom the brush-off. The body wrap is one of the most pleasant methods to make you happy and leave blue mood behind. If you combine the SPA procedure using natural oils with chocolate which is known to be natural anti-depressant, your melancholy will not have the ghost of a chance. Massage releases you from fatigue, stress, nervous tension and will be beneficial to your spirits and general well-being.

Cedar barrel at terrace

The cedar barrel with cool water will give you energy boost. This is a perfect way to train your vessels after visiting the red cedar sauna.

Phyto bar

After trainings and physical exercise, health-improving and cosmetological procedures you will be offered and served phytoproducts: herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices and health-giving cocktails to make you feel like new, release you from nervous tension or just give you what your organism needs at a given point of time.

Sun terrace

Located on the roof, with a beautiful prospect to the forests, equipped with deck chairs, hammocks and wicker chairs, the recreational area of the roof of the park hotel, with its unique atmosphere, will give you the most memorable impressions of open air leisure time. Here you can have a splendid time for Yoga practice or meditation, welcoming rays of the morning sun, and gazing after them at the sunset time with a cup of aromatic herbal tea in your hand, wrapped up in a cosy plaid, among your relatives or close friends.

Beauty salon

In our beauty salon you can choose any hair, face and body care procedures. Professional hair designers, stylists, nail artists and other professionals are at your service, and their task is to take into account whatever you might wish and help you find or create your inimitative image.

  • 113 whirlpool systems for hydromassage
  • 26 bubble massage booths
  • 33 air tubs
  • 42 water jets
  • 54 waterfalls
  • 6Shower of impressions
  • 7Hamam with massage tables
  • 8Red cedar sauna
  • 9Himalaya salt spa therapy room with cooling tower
  • 10Ice bowl
  • 11Phyto bar with drinks
  • 12Terrace overlooking the forest and roller-ski run
  • 13Cedar barrel
  • 1411 methods of massage for any family member
  • 15Face and body masks
  • 16Comprehensive body care
  • 17SPA sugaring
  • 18Lymphatic drainage
  • 19Body wraps
  • 20Scandinavian sun
  • 21Sun terrace



The staff of the “EDELWEISS” health-care center creates a remarkable atmosphere of care and awareness. All the year around we are offering you treatment and health-improving procedures, as well as procedures for restoration of beauty and strength.

The “EDELWEISS” health-care center has introduced and is using the methods as follows:

  • Orthobiodynamics, back pain management
  • Mud therapy and body wraps
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Massage of any kind
  • Contactless hydromassage
  • Oxygen chamber
  • Inhalatorium
  • Medicinal baths
  • Ozone treatment of blood and ozone reflexotherapy
  • Ultrasonic examination



Have you come with your children? We have a lot of amusements to be offered to our little, but the most important guests: children’s room with toy blocks, educational toys and a play structure. For their outdoor activities there is a play structure conforming to any standard required. For active games we can offer slides, swings, sports ground and a sand box.

Room service

  • Baby bed, special baby’s bathtub
  • Children’s menu
  • Children’s chairs in the restaurant
  • Bicycle and scooter rental
  • Children’s area in the SPA complex
  • Art studio and children’s fitness
  • Children’s center: hall with game-playing machines, children’s room with toy blocks, educational toys and a play structure
  • “Lukomorye” art studio and development center
  • SPA services for little ones