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Physical therapy

Bioptron is chromotherapy with proven clinical efficiency for treatment and prevention of a number of diseases. Exposure of light is as necessary as breathing. Using light, one can effectively normalize several body states.

The chromotherapy is used for treatment of:

  • rheumatic diseases;
  • sports-related injuries;
  • face cosmetology.


Simulated sunlight helps cure a number of childhood diseases, our little ones so often suffer from.

The chromotherapy is absolutely safe for newborn infants.

  • Infantile skin diseases
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Atopic eczema
  • Allergic respiratory conditions
  • Musculoskeletal diseases
  • Diseases of newborn infants

CHROMOTHERAPY FOR ATHLETESs a biological stimulant that is used for treatment of diseases caused by physical exertion.

  • Muscle spasms;
  • Sprain to muscles;
  • Strained ligaments;
  • Tendinitis;
  • Rupture of muscles and ligaments;
  • Dislocations;
  • Contusions;
  • Tennis elbow, etc.

Sunlight is essential to your skin. Have you noticed that upon sunny days skin gets clean? Chromotherapy helps slow skin aging, stimulates cell renewal and production of collagen, and improves microcirculation, tonus and skin plasticity. 90% people over 30 complain about body pain. It is thought that body pain is a price that the human race has to pay for upright posture.

Obesity, unhealthy diet, incorrect body positions during weight-lifting exercises also cause body pain.

The surface of a couch is exposed to acoustic vibrations of more than 500 frequencies and micro-sub-frequencies of healthy human organs and tissues. The method was discovered and studied almost 100 years ago by the doctor Voll (Germany), and used for bioresonance therapy.

Its unique feature is that the couch receives these frequencies as audio tones that result in oscillating motions of the couch, and they, in turn, cause the resonance conditions in the human body.

Major effects and actions:

  • Spiral column traction;
  • Paravertebral vibrating massage;
  • Vibrations for relaxation of tight muscles;
  • Vibrational impact of the couch surface

Advantages of the method are as follows:

  • Potential for local influence upon human organs by music and vibrations.
  • Potential for use of all these factors combined, at the same time.