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Beauty parlor / hairdresser’s services

Our beauty parlor welcomes you to make use of hair, face and body care procedures. Professional hairstylists, nail artists and other specialists are at your disposal, and their purpose is to consider all your wishes and help you discover and create your unforgettable image.

Hairdresser’s services

  • haircuts (women, men and children)
  • hair pigmentation
  • highlighting
  • toning
  • hair setting
  • hair masques
  • bio-lamination
  • keratin hair straightening
  • hair botox and other services

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To book a session and get more detailed information call at 8 (499) 642-04-04.

Names of Services Price (RUR)
Women’s hair-cuts 700-1300
Men’s hair-cuts 450-750
Children’s hair-cuts (children under 7) 300-450
Hair trim to one length 500
Fringe styling 250
Hair washing and drying 250-650
Hair pigmentation 1000-3500
Hair toning 800-1500
Highlighting 2500-4500
“Shatush”, “Ombre”, “Balayage” highlighting 3500-6500
Near-root highlighting(up to 3 cm) 2300
Frayed ends removal 500-1500
Hair setting 650-2500
Curls volumizing 1700-2500
Hair decoloration от 2500
Eyebrow correction (men) 200-300