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Sports grounds

  • Lawn tennis
  • Multi-purpose, sand-covered football and volleyball playground
  • Workout areas
  • Billiards (3 tables)
  • Bowling (4 lanes)
  • Boxing area
  • Equipping center named after A. Legkov
  • Sports equipment rental area
  • Fitness halls
  • Warm-up areas and gyms
  • Jogging tracks covered with wood chips
  • Lawn tennis court on the grounds of the “Peresvet” park hotel.

The area is equipped at the highway spiral, close to the biathlon complex. Here you can also play football.

Area opening hours: 09:00 – 20:00. Court rental prices: 1500 RUR / hour. To book, pay and rent sports equipment, please contact a receptionist or call at
8 (499) 642-04-04.

On the grounds of the “Peresvet” park hotel there is a multi-purpose, sand covered area for beach football or volleyball.

To play volleyball, you have just to hang a net which can be hired any time.

Area rental price: 1500 RUR / hour.

The price includes the use of the changing room, shower rooms and a ball. The park hotel also have a boxing area.

The special area for boxing fans is under shelter and equipped with several punching bags and other corresponding facilities.

To be used by persons above 18; the service price is included into the price of accommodation.